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Writing a Persuasive Nomination

We need strong, detailed recommendations from students. The most effective nomination gives detailed, concrete reasons why your instructor should win a Teaching Award.

Although this is not an essay, please make every effort to show off the writing skills you have learned here at Northwestern. Please remember that your response will be read by several high-level administrators to determine who will be selected for the final awards.

Example of an Effective Nomination

Professor Jones deserves to win a Teaching Award because of her outstanding commitment to teaching and her care for students. She consistently delivers well-prepared and engaging lectures that keep me interested throughout the entire class. She has a strong mastery over the course materials and relates her vast knowledge in a clear and effective manner. Although the course is not discussion- based, she always encourages students to ask questions during class and always takes time to answer the questions, even if that means staying late after every class session. She is very approachable and took extra time to help me learn complex material that I did not understand at first. One of the most cohesive examples of this was when she held office hours at 6 AM, three hours before a 9 AM final. Overall, she has made me want to take more courses in her field and has been a strong example of how professors should teach and treat their students. For all of these reasons, I believe that Professor Jones should receive a Teaching Award.

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