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Advanced Expression

NOTE: Students who started taking classes at Northwestern in Spring 2023 or earlier should refer to the Writing Proficiency page. The information below pertains to students who start at Northwestern after Spring 2023.


About the advanced expression requirement

Fulfillment of the Advanced Expression requirement is where students demonstrate high-level achievement in their ability to Express: articulate their ideas in oral, written, visual, digital, and other media, and assemble narratives, explanations, data, and arguments that navigate carefully ordered evidence. Some students demonstrate this level via their works in a language other than English. 

Courses that meet the AE requirement focus on effective communication, be it through writing, speaking or other modes of communication, in specific disciplinary or interdisciplinary contexts. Courses are typically 300-level and typically taken after the first year.


Learning objectives for AE

Fulfilling the advanced expression requirement

Students may complete the advanced expression requirement through completion of an approved course with a grade of D or higher. As with the foundational disciplines and overlays, courses approved by a Weinberg College faculty committee are listed on the webpage (below) and may also be identified through the Undergraduate Catalog and the quarterly CAESAR class listings. Each year some courses are added to the list and others are deleted; a course must be on the approved list for the year you take it to satisfy the requirement.

A course that is used by a student to satisfy the advanced expression requirement may at the same time be applied towards a different requirement (such as a major requirement, minor requirement, foundational discipline, and/or overlay) if so approved.

2023-2024 AE COURSES

Information will be posted to this list as it becomes available. Some courses on the list will not be offered in 2023-24, but in a future year. A course approved for the advanced expression requirement and a foundational discipline area may be applied to both at the same time. Some courses on this list have prerequisites (for example fluency in a language other than English, or department permission).

Starting September 2023 please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for full lists. This page will only include mid-year updates.

Courses meeting advanced expression requirement
Subject Number Title
ANTHRO 322-0 Introduction to Archeology Research Design & Methods1
ANTHRO 386-0 Methods in Human Biology Research1
ANTHRO 389-0 Ethnographic Methods and Analysis1
ANTHRO 398-0 Senior Seminar
ART 360-0 Senior Critique
ART 372-0 Seminar1
ASIAN_LC 370-0 Literary Cultures in South Asia1
BIOL_SCI 377-0 The Human Microbiome
BIOL_SCI 393-0 Human Genomics
BIOL_SCI 397-0 Senior Thesis Colloquium
ECON 398-1 Senior Seminar
ECON 398-2 Senior Seminar
ENGLISH 305-0 Advanced Composition
GREEK 301-0 Readings in Greek Literature1
HIND_URD 320-0 Topics Hindi-Urdu Literature1
LATIN 310-0 Readings in Latin Literature1
LEGAL_ST 207-0 Legal Studies Research Methods (with SOCIOL 227-0)1
LING 315-0 Experimental Approaches to Word Form Processing1
LING 320-0 Sociolinguistics1
MMSS 398-1 Senior Seminar
MMSS 398-2 Senior Seminar
MMSS 398-3 Senior Seminar
PHYSICS 360-0 Advanced Physics Laboratory
PSYCH 205-0 Research Methods in Psychology1
RELIGION 301-0 Hindu Epics: Mahābhārata1
RUSSIAN 302-1 Advanced Russian in Conversations
RUSSIAN 302-2 Advanced Russian in Conversations
RUSSIAN 302-3 Advanced Russian in Conversations
SOCIOL 227-0 Legal Studies Research Methods (with LEGAL_ST 207-0)1
SPANISH 250-0 Literature in Spain Before 17001
SPANISH 251-0 Literature in Spain Since 17001
SPANISH 260-0 Literature in Latin America Before 18881
SPANISH 261-0 Literature in Latin America Since 18881
TRANS 310-0 Seminar in Transportation and Logistics

 1May also be applied towards a foundational discipline and/or an overlay; see tables.

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