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Northwestern University

Nathalie Boadi

Nathalie BoadiNathalie Boadi
Class of 2023

Arch Programs 
Bridge, Bridge 2, NU Bioscientist, Peer Mentoring

Global Health Studies & Psychology (Pre-Med)

Why did you decide to participate in Arch?
I decided to participate in the Arch Scholars Program because I wanted to experience student life at Northwestern in a stress-free environment before officially becoming a freshman. So, before embarking on my freshmen year journey, I participated in the Bridge Program. Since Bridge is Pass/Fail, I knew that I could delve into Northwestern classes while not having to worry about grades. As a pre-med student, I was particularly interested in the introductory chemistry class because I wanted to learn the material, develop study strategies, and hear advice that would serve useful during my freshmen year and beyond. I also felt as though Bridge was a great way to connect with people, especially through our nightly check-ins and weekend trips. Moreover, I liked how Bridge students got the opportunity to explore the campus before the entire student population arrived. As a freshmen, I also wanted to explore research opportunities, so I decided to enroll in NU Bioscientist along with the Bridge Program. Through peer mentoring, NU Bioscientist gave me the mentorship I needed to build my research experience at Northwestern, and I am eternally grateful that I was given this opportunity!

What is one of your favorite memories from Arch?
One of my favorite memories from the Arch Scholars Program is simply developing friendships with others. Little things, such as hanging out as a group in our dorms (pre-covid) and our nightly check-ins were great experiences during Bridge. I also enjoyed spending time as a group outside of the Northwestern campus, whether it was in Downtown Chicago or the Old Orchard Mall in Skokie because it allowed us to separate our academic and social lives. I also enjoyed developing relationships with my mentors and mentees because that made Peer Mentoring feel more like a friendship rather than a task. Overall, I have so many great memories from Bridge and the Arch Scholars Program in general, but I would have to say that the quality time I spent with others is unmatched!

Why did you choose Northwestern?
I chose Northwestern because I was particularly interested in their pre-med program and networking opportunities in Chicago! I was also blessed with the opportunity to receive a four year full-tuition leadership scholarship from the Posse Foundation to attend Northwestern.

What are your plans after graduation?
My plan is to attend medical school!

Fun/Interesting Fact About You
I am Ghanaian-American.

I enjoy dancing to Afrobeats.

I am from Los Angeles, CA.

My favorite color is lavender.

My favorite original Netflix series is Money Heist.


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