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Independent Study

Enrolling in Independent Study lets you earn course credit by doing advanced work or research in an academic area under the supervision of a faculty member. Independent Study (399) is generally open to juniors and seniors. In some cases, sophomores may also enroll in 399.

Registration instructions

To register for 399—Independent Study, you need permission from the relevant department or program. You must submit to the department a description of the work you plan to undertake and the basis for its evaluation, and this proposal must be endorsed by the faculty member who will oversee your work and assign your grade. When you complete the Independent Study, you must submit to the department or program an abstract describing your work.

Rules for Independepent Study courses

Departments and programs establish their own rules for grading Independent Study. Some forbid P/N registration while others require it, and some mandate use of the "K" grade for multi-quarter projects.

Various rules limit enrollment in 399—Independent Study and the counting of such courses toward your degree:

Rules specify that independent Study cannot be used for internships:

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