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Taking Classes at Other U.S. Institutions

Weinberg College students sometimes want to take classes at other U.S. institutions. For example, a student might take a class while working in his or her hometown during the summer. (Note: international students wishing to take courses at a university in their home country during the summer will follow a similar process as described below. Please see the Registrar's policy on transferring non-Northwestern credits for details.)

Before you take a class elsewhere

Understand College and University policies

If you want to take a class at another U.S. institution and transfer the credit to Northwestern, you should first read Northwestern's policies on transferring non-Northwestern credits. Be sure to read the policy statement carefully! It provides important information governing whether credit can be transferred to Northwestern and toward which requirements it can count. Among the key rules are the following:

Petition to count credit before you take the class

The online Petition for Credit for a Non-Northwestern Course can be accessed through the Registrar's webpage on non-Northwestern credit.

Once you complete your section of the online form, it will be routed to relevant offices for approval. You will generally be required to meet with an adviser as part of the approval process. Often the same person will give approval in both sections of the form. For example, if you want to count a class in another university's history department toward your history major, then history will be both the comparable Northwestern department and the one toward whose major you want to count the class. However, if you want to count a history class toward a major in Asian studies, then you will need approval from both history (the department offering similar classes) and Asian studies (the major toward which you want to count it).

Credit for online courses offered through other U.S. institutions is subject to the same University and College restrictions as other non-Northwestern coursework. This includes requiring department or program permission in order to count the course toward a Weinberg major or minor--or even as elective credit toward a Weinberg degree. The standard Petition for Credit for a Non-Northwestern Course available through the Registrar's webpage on non-Northwestern credit should be used. Some Weinberg College departments and programs have special policies regarding credit for online courses.

After you take a class elsewhere

Be sure to have an official transcript sent to Northwestern. Here's the address to use:

Northwestern University
Office of the Registrar
Attn: Transfer Credit
633 Clark Street
Evanston, IL 60208-1118

It is the responsibility of the student to check with the Registrar's Office in mid-October to see that a transcript has been received.

This webpage was revised in Fall 2012 to reflect new policies and procedures, in Fall 2014 to reflect policy on online coursework, and in Fall 2015 to link to the online Petition form. Text revision in Summer 2022 adds information that will pertain to students who matriculate after Spring 2023 and follow updated degree requirements.

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