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Northwestern University

Office of Undergraduate Studies and Advising

Students who visit the OUSA often meet with their assigned Weinberg College Adviser. OUSA program assistants at 1908 or 1922 Sheridan may also handle your questions.

For other issues, you may meet with one of the OUSA deans:

The Weinberg College Dean's Office Directory lists all members of the OUSA, including contact information for each person; see the sections on Undergraduate Studies and on Undergraduate Advising.

Contact the OUSA


Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., except on days when the university is officially closed. Some staff members work only during the regular academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters).


The OUSA is divided among two locations, 1922 Sheridan Road, and 1908 Sheridan. If you are unsure about which building to go to, call 847-491-8916 for more information.

Phone numbers

Fax numbers

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Advising by email

For straightforward questions about College rules and requirements or guidance on academic choices, you can email your question to your College Adviser or to our general advising address, Email advising is intended to supplement meetings with College Advisers, not to replace them.

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