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Second Weinberg Major

Every student in Weinberg College must complete a single major, as well as all the other degree requirements, to graduate. Many students find that even with these requirements, they have enough remaining electives to complete a second major. A second major is an opportunity to pursue in depth another academic area about which you are passionate.

Some students have to complete two majors because one of their majors is an adjunct major. All adjunct majors require the completion of a second major too. This second major must be a "stand-alone" major; that is, every student must have at least one major that is not an adjunct major.

Deciding to pursue a second major

There are a number of student myths about second majors; often students believe that everyone has two majors, or that they are not getting the most out of their education if they do not do a second major, or that they won't be able to get a job if they don't have two majors. These myths are not true. For some students, especially those with a wide range of academic or extracurricular interests, it often makes more sense to complete a major and a minor, or a major and a variety of electives targeted to your varied interests.

If you are considering adding a second major, be sure to discuss your ideas with both your College Adviser and your major adviser(s).

Rules related to second majors


You only need to declare a single major by the end of your sophomore year. If you plan on completing a second major, you can declare it later, when you are sure.

Rule of Three

A student’s total number of majors plus minors may not typically exceed three. (This is called the Rule of Three.) Exceptions require permission from the Weinberg College Advising Office and cannot be granted during the first year. A sophomore, junior, or senior considering exceeding this limit should meet with his or her College Adviser to discuss options and procedures.

Double counting courses

If you do pursue two majors in Weinberg, you'll need to pay close attention to rules related to majors, especially double counting courses. You may not double count a major course toward a second major or a minor, with three exceptions.

If you complete the major and related course requirements for two different departments or programs within Weinberg, both majors will be indicated on your transcript.

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