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Northwestern University

Credit Evaluation

Upon your transfer to Northwestern, the Registrar's Office will evaluate your transfer credits. Once your transfer credits have been evaluated, you will receive an email message from the Registrar's Office that includes a link to your transfer credit evaluation. The evaluation shows:

If you receive credit for a course that closely approximates one taught at Northwestern, then the relevant course number will be indicated on your credit evaluation. If you receive credit for a course that does not closely match any Northwestern course, then just the department name and the course level (100, 200, or 300) will be indicated.

Some of your transferred coursework may have already been designated during the initial transfer credit evaluation as equivalent to one or more WCAS general education requirement courses. You may petition for additional transfer coursework to fulfill these requirements (depending on  your date of matriculation distribution requirements, or foundational discipline requirements) after you begin as a student at Northwestern. You will need to meet with your college adviser before submitting a petition. Once you have met with your adviser, please click here to begin the petition process.

If you think any of your credits were evaluated incorrectly, then you should discuss this with your College Adviser. Note that no courses need to be reviewed for First-Year Seminar or Writing Proficiency requirements (pre-2023), or the College Seminar requirement (Fall 2023) as these are waived for transfer students.

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