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Technology and Design

Northwestern University faculty and staff have several tools at their disposal to create branded content and deliver through web meeting software. These are the recommended resources to utilize in planning virtual end-of-year events to celebrate and recognize students.


Virtual Web Tools


Every NU email account is eligible to participate in the University’s licensed Zoom platform, with varying attendee levels. All events expected to include 300 or less attendees may use the basic Zoom product that most faculty and staff use normally and outlined below. Any events that are expected to include more than 300 attendees should contact to schedule training on the expanded Zoom Webinar platform or consider using WebEx which can support up to 500 attendees.

Uses & Features

  • Collaborate inside or outside the University
  • Small to large group meetings (can host up to 300 attendees)
  • Chat feature
  • Waiting room option
  • Option to co-host calls
  • ’Breakout rooms’ feature
  • Polling and Q&A features, including virtual hand raising
  • Recording option
  • Dial-in options, Audio and/or Video
  • File Sharing

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CAUTION: With the widespread use of Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic, hackers and pranksters have increasingly disrupted meetings byZoomBombing, often displaying inappropriate content. Here are some tips to help secure your meetings:

Do not put the meeting URL on a public website. Instead, share only with participants.

  • Use a random Meeting ID, not your personal one for the event.
  • Lock the meeting after 10 minutes.
  • Only authenticated users can join meetings using their NetID.
  • Require a password when scheduling new meeting.
  • Require a password for participants joining by phone.
  • Set-up your meeting to function more like a Zoom Webinar to limit attendee capabilities.
  • Click 'Learn More' below for the latest updates on security or contact Weinberg College Information Technology Solutions at for further support and guidance.

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Microsoft Teams

Available to faculty, staff and students, Microsoft Teams is most commonly used among staff for daily chat and video conferencing. The limiting feature for this platform it is only for internal audiences which may not be useful for events that plan on inviting student families.

Uses and Features

  • Collaborate with NU colleagues and students only
  • Person-to-person meetings
  • Small group meetings (can host up to 250 attendees)
  • Sharing your screen with others
  • Chat feature
  • Max PowerPoint file size, 2GB
  • Works seamlessly across Microsoft applications: send Outlook Calendar invites, access SharePoint and more.

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Panopto is a free video recording and streaming platform with a cloud-based content management system for video editing and filing. Recorded videos can be launched through other virtual meeting software.

Uses & Features

  • Transmit live and on-demand video
  • Recording features
  • Cloud-based video content management system
  • Video editing, analytics
  • Integration with Canvas or Zoom

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Need additional help determining which software is best for your event? Visit Conferencing Recommendations from NUIT.

Branding Resources

Presentation Materials

A series of slide decks and videos that can be incorporated into any virtual presentation as stand-alone videos or edited into newly created assets. Full Suite.

Powerpoint Templates

Can be used to feature content portions of your event and/or as individual student slides if scalable. Full Suite.

Zoom Backgrounds

Represent school colors, logos and campus scenes during your presentations. Before using backgrounds in a presentation, test for proper display. Well-lit, solid background spaces work best. Full Suite.

Weinberg College PowerPoint Templates & Logos

Access Weinberg College branding materials to incorporate into your presentations and events. Full Suite.
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