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Courses and Faculty

Whichever path you choose, you’ll find  small classes, superb teachers, curricular rigor, camaraderie, breadth, and experimentation — all part of the Weinberg College ethos.

Life-Changing Courses

Courses at Weinberg College come in all forms. You may find yourself in a lecture hall, a small seminar, a laboratory or an art studio.

Brainstorm room
Keeping track of a "few" ideas.
Anthropology excavation
An anthropology student helps excavate an early campus building.
Literature class
A deep dive into literature.
Light moment
Sharing a laugh in class.
Student and faculty in lab
A neurobiology professor guides a student.
Three students studying
Reviewing a text for a class discussion
Cave expedition
"Down under" for Earth and planetary sciences field research
Facilitating a philosophy discussion.
Kayaking on the Chicago River
Kayaking the Chicago Rivera as part of a first-year seminar
Students in the library
Collaborating in the Library's Information Commons
Math Professor
Pursuing a math mystery.

Weinberg was appealing to me for the impressive seamlessness by which you could jump in and out of different programs.”

Gustavo Berrizbeitia '17

Weinberg College students are able and encouraged to take classes offered by other schools at Northwestern. You can take individual classes that interest you, and you can also choose to complete a minor, certificate, or concentration in another school. 

Faculty that inspire

Read Q&As with faculty pushing the boundaries of their fields

The College’s faculty includes a Nobel Prize winner, more than 50 American Academy of Arts & Sciences members, nearly 20 Guggenheim Fellows, more than a dozen National Academy of Sciences members and numerous MacArthur Foundation Fellows and National Book Award winners.

An award-winning neuroscientist studies the mysteries of the brain.

Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy, a 2016 Searle Scholar, discusses her research on the molecules and proteins that regulate neurotransmission.

Read the Q&A with Kozorovitskiy

An English professor advances Northwestern's work in Indigenous Studies.

Kelly Wisecup teaches students to discover the full story behind incomplete narratives, such as the story of Pocahontas.
Read the Q&A with Wisecup
Image of Jeffrey Ely

An economist applies mathematical models to entertainment.

Economist Jeffry Ely's research on suspense applies formal models to entertainment such as tournament and elimination shows.
Read the Q&A with Ely
Image of Mary Pattillo

Origins: Exploring The Journey Of Discovery With Mary Pattillo

Mary Pattillo’s groundbreaking scholarship on the black middle class has made her a celebrated thought leader in her field.

Read the Q&A with Pattillo
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