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Final Exams

Many, though not all, courses offered in Weinberg College include final examinations. The schedule for final examinations is included each quarter in the printed Class Schedule and is available through the Registrar's webpage.

Changing the date of an in-class final examination

Normally, in-class final examinations are held on the date and time listed each quarter in the Class Schedule. Instructors can change the date of an in-class final only with the unanimous consent of the students enrolled in the course; if even a single student objects to the change, the original date and time must be observed. Any proposed new time must fall during the regular examination week.

Any proposed change to the date of an in-class final must be announced during the week after the add period. Add period is usually the first week of classes; thus any change must be proposed during the second week of classes. Any student can object to the proposed change—to the professor or the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs—through the third week of classes. Beyond that time, no further changes can take place, and any unanimously approved change will stand.

You must take the examination at the designated time

The College forbids administering a final examination to individual students in advance of the assigned time. You are required to take the final examination at the designated time. If you are unable—for sufficient reason—to take a final examination at the designated time, you should apply for an incomplete in the course.

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