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Graduate Student Funding

How Graduate Students are Funded

The Graduate School offers various forms of financial support.  See what funding support is available to incoming graduate students. 

Fellowship & Grant Opportunities

Many alternative options for funding are available to graduate students in Weinberg.  Whether internal or external, fellowship or grant, students can apply for funding support that will enhance their research and, in some cases, extend the length of financial support.

                                                                                           WEINBERG FUNDING

                                                                                                        TGS FUNDING



All PhD students have the opportunity to apply for internal or external funding through The Graduate School to support research and dissertation writing.

Explore opportunities for:

    Highlights include:

                                                                                                EXTERNAL AWARDS

In addition to those awards available through the university, applicants are encouraged to compete for external awards available for graduate study.  The Office of Fellowships provides resources to help students navigate their search for external funding outlets, including access to databases, information workshops and drop-in hours.

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