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Northwestern University

Charles Deering McCormick Professor/Lecturer/Clinical Professor/Professor of Instruction

Award details

Awarded: annually
Award Term:

Award Amounts:


Nomination and selection

 The first PDF file (labeled Part 1) should consist of items 1-6 below. 

1.  Cover page indicating the nominee, their position, department, and school as well as the contents of the nomination materials. If possible, please set internal links for each numbered item below.

2.  Nomination letter from the school dean or the department chair.

3.  Nominee's statement setting forth their goals as a teacher along with an assessment of success in meeting those goals.

4.  Letters from no more than four currently enrolled undergraduate students and no more than two students who have graduated but who studied under the nominee as undergraduates. These letters should describe the ways in which the nominee's teaching has significantly facilitated student learning.

5.  A list of all courses taught from Winter 2020 through Fall 2022 along with a table including the summary data from CTECs for each course listed. (Summary data from Spring 2020 CTECs is optional.) You can download the table template here.

6.  Abbreviated current CV (no more than six pages).

The second PDF file (labeled Part 2) should consist of items 7-8.

7.  Syllabi from all courses taught from Winter 2020 through Fall 2022. (Spring 2020 syllabi are optional.)

8.  Instructor CTECs from all courses taught Winter 2020 through Fall 2022 (Spring 2020 CTECs are optional).

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