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Guidelines for Chicago Field Studies and Other Credit-Bearing Internships

A credit-bearing internship is an academic program in which a student


  1. No more than a total of six (6) units of internship credit, whether earned through Weinberg College courses or in other ways, may be counted towards a Weinberg College degree. 
  2. Each department and program in Weinberg College regularly offering a credit-bearing course associated with internships should establish a dedicated course number and title for this course. They should complete and submit to the Curricular Review Committee for review the standard New Course Proposal used for other Weinberg College courses. Independent Study (399) should not be used to give credit for internships. 
  3. Each internship program should have a selection process to insure that students are sufficiently prepared for both academic and field assignments. 
  4. Internship opportunities are most appropriate for students who have been at least moderately successful in other coursework. It is reasonable to expect an overall GPA of at least 3.0.
  5. Students do not normally receive pay for work done on an internship. Their primary responsibility is to their academic supervisor rather than to the host organization.

Approved by the Weinberg Faculty on November 20, 2013. These guidelines supersede guidelines adopted on March 19, 1981. Among other changes, the new policy allows 6, rather than 5, units of internship credit toward the degree.

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