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Transferring to Another Northwestern School

Sometimes students enrolled in one school at Northwestern wish to transfer to another school. For example, a student in the School of Music may wish to transfer to Weinberg College, or a student in Weinberg College may wish to transfer to the School of Education and Social Policy. The process of making such a change is referred to as an Interschool Transfer, or IST. If you are thinking of transferring out of, or into, Weinberg College, you are encouraged to discuss your possibilities with a Weinberg College Adviser.

To initiate the official IST process, follow the directions on the Registrar’s Interschool Transfer webpage. There you will find important information, including the first day on which you may apply to transfer to another school for each quarter, as well as the last day on which the application may be submitted to the new school. You will also find a link to the online application. You will need to meet with an adviser in your new school as part of the application process.

If your IST request is approved, then your enrollment in the new school will become effective at the beginning of the following quarter. You therefore need to apply for a transfer during the quarter preceding the one in which you wish to be a student in the new school. Each undergraduate school maintains its own admission standards; IST requests are not always approved by the proposed new school.

Interschool transfer out of Weinberg

If you wish to transfer out of Weinberg College, complete the Registrar's interschool transfer application, and follow the steps for transfer into your intended new school. You may wish to discuss your decision with your Weinberg College Adviser.

Interschool transfer into Weinberg

If you wish to transfer into Weinberg College, complete the Registrar's interschool transfer application, and follow the steps for transfer into Weinberg. You will need to meet with a College Adviser as part of that process.

Meeting with a College Adviser

After you submit your application, you will meet with a College Adviser. At this meeting, the adviser will talk with you about your academic plans and about the ways in which the courses you have taken thus far might apply to Weinberg College requirements.

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