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Reading Period

Weinberg College sets aside a Reading Period between the end of classes and the start of final examinations. This period often lasts a full week, which is why it is sometimes called "Reading Week," but sometimes it is shorter. The Reading Period is a chance for students to integrate the material learned over the term, prepare for their final exams, and complete extensive term projects without the pressure of having to work on new assignments or study for early examinations. Dates for each quarter's Reading Period appear in the Registrar's academic calendar.

According to College legislation,

  1. no student may be required to hand in any work whatsoever during the Reading Period, and
  2. no examinations of any type may be given.

Students are not prohibited, however, from turning in work voluntarily during the Reading Period.

Although classes may be held and new material introduced, instructors are encouraged to keep in mind the intent of the College legislation, which states that "observance of a Reading Period shall constitute the norm, although instructors and students in individual courses shall always have the right to continue to meet during the Reading Period if such extra classes are necessary."

If you find that the due date of a required assignment falls during the Reading Period, you should bring this to the attention of the instructor immediately. If you encounter any difficulties, you should approach the chair of the department, or, if necessary, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

Remember that other schools of the university are not bound to the Reading Period policies of Weinberg College. If you take a course outside the College, you may be required to hand in work or take a final examination for that course during the Weinberg reading period.

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