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FD-EET: Ethical & Evaluative Thinking

NOTE: Students who started taking classes at Northwestern in Spring 2023 or earlier should refer to the Area V: Ethics and Values page. The information below pertains to students who start at Northwestern after Spring 2023.

All human cultures have produced systems of thought and belief concerning ways of being in the world and relating to one another. Courses in this foundational area equip students to engage these systems and wrestle with central human questions. Courses explicitly consider questions concerning values or teach students to think within, appreciate the resources of, and critically reflect upon a particular tradition of thought. Completing this foundational area will help students recognize and reflect on ethical and evaluative questions, become aware of what standards they bring to bear in answering them, appreciate and respect their own and other cultural systems, and work through disagreements with others.

learning objectives

Courses in Ethics and Evaluative Thinking are designed to foster the intellectual autonomy students will need to thrive as thinkers and agents in an increasingly complex world.

Choosing courses

Many courses are in religion or philosophy, and others come from outside those disciplines. Their focus and organization vary, but all address important issues.

Approved Courses

Foundational Discipline - Ethical and Evaluative Thinking
Subject Number Title
ANTHRO 232-0 Myth and Symbolism
ASIAN_LC 373-0 Religious and Textual Traditions in South Asia (or may be applied to FD-LA)
CLASSICS 370-0 Greek and Roman Religion
COMP_LIT 207-0 Introduction to Critical Theory (with PHIL 220-0)2
COMP_SCI 260-0 Introduction to Law and Digital Technologies
ENGLISH 220-0 The Bible as Literature (or may be applied to FD-LA)
ENGLISH 288-0 Topics in Literature and Ethics (or FD-LA)
ENGLISH 388-0 Studies in Literature and Ethics (or may be applied to FD-LA)
FRENCH 277-0 French Existentialism (or FD-LA)
GBL_HLTH 302-0 Global Bioethics2
GBL_HLTH 324-0 Volunteerism and the Ethics of Help2
GNDR_ST 233-0 Gender, Politics and Philosophy (with PHIL 221-0)2
GERMAN 232-0 The Theme of Faust Through the Ages (or may be applied to FD-LA)
GERMAN 234-1 Jews and Germans: An Intercultural History I (or may be applied to FD-LA)2
GERMAN 236-0 Kafka and Nietzche (or FD-LA)
GERMAN 272-0 Luther and the West (with RELIGION 272-0)
GNDR_ST 260-0 Critical Fat Studies1
HISTORY 253-0 A Global History of Prisons and Camps (or FD-HS)2
HISTORY 351-0 Europe in the Age of Total War (or FD-HS)2
HISTORY 352-0 Global History of Death and Dying (or FD-HS)2
HISTORY 261-0 Sex after Shakespeare (or FD-HS)
HUM 212-0 Humanities in the World III
HUM 325-5 Humanities in the Digital Age
HUM 370-5 Special Topics in the Humanities
ISEN 230-0 Climate Change and Sustainability: Ethical Dimensions (with PHIL 270-0)2
ISEN 375-0 Issues in Environmental Philosophy (with PHIL 375-0)2
LEGAL_ST 308-0 Sociology of Law (with SOCIOL 318-0) (or may be applied to FD-SBS)1
LEGAL_ST 309-0 Political Theories of the Rule of Law (with POLI_SCI 309-0)
LEGAL_ST 350-0 Psychology and the Law (with PSYCH 340-0) (or may be applied to FD-SBS)1
MENA 290-5 Introductory Topics in Middle East and North African Studies
MENA 390-5 Advanced Topics in Middle East and North African Studies
PHIL 110-0 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 210-1 History of Philosophy - Ancient
PHIL 210-3 History of Philosophy - Early Modern
PHIL 216-0 Introduction to Pragmatism
PHIL 219-0 Introduction to Existentialism
PHIL 220-0 Introduction to Critical Theory (with COMP_LIT 207-0)2
PHIL 221-0 Gender, Politics, and Philosophy (with GNDR_ST 233-0)2
PHIL 222-0 Introduction to Africana Philosophy2
PHIL 224-0 Philosophy, Race, and Racism1
PHIL 240-0 Freedom and Responsibility
PHIL 254-0 Introduction to Philosophy of the Natural Sciences
PHIL 255-0 Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 260-0 Introduction to Moral Philosophy
PHIL 261-0 Introduction to Political Philosophy
PHIL 262-0 Ethical Problems and Public Issues1
PHIL 266-0 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 268-0 Ethics and the Environment
PHIL 269-0 Bioethics
PHIL 270-0 Climate Change and Sustainability: Economic and Ethical Dimensions (with ISEN 230-0)2
PHIL 273-1 The Brady Scholars Program: The Good Life
PHIL 273-2 The Brady Scholars Program: The Moral Life
PHIL 273-3 The Brady Scholars Program: The Good Society
PHIL 326-0 Topics in Philosophy of Medicine
PHIL 364-0 Business and Professional Ethics
PHIL 375-0 Issues in Environmental Philosophy (with ISEN 375-0)2
POLI_SCI 301-0 Classical Political Theory
POLI_SCI 303-0 Modernity and Its Discontents
POLI_SCI 304-0 Human Rights Between East and West2
POLI_SCI 307-0 Deportation Law and Politics1
POLI_SCI 309-0 Political Theories of the Rule of Law (with LEGAL_ST 309-0)
POLI_SCI 347-0 Ethics in International Relations2
POLI_SCI 382-0 Religion, Law, & Politics: Politics of Religious Diversity (with RELIGION 382-0) (or FD-SBS)1
PSYCH 249-0 Buddhist Psychology
PSYCH 340-0 Psychology and Law (with LEGAL_ST 350-0) (or may be applied to FD-SBS)1
RELIGION 170-0 Introduction to the Study of Religion
RELIGION 172-0 Introduction to Religion, Media, and Culture
RELIGION 200-0 Introduction to Hinduism
RELIGION 210-0 Introduction to Buddhism
RELIGION 220-0 Introduction to Hebrew Bible
RELIGION 221-0 Introduction to the New Testament
RELIGION 230-0 Introduction to Judaism
RELIGION 240-0 Introduction to Christianity
RELIGION 250-0 Introduction to Islam
RELIGION 270-0 Introduction to Theology
RELIGION 271-0 Theology of Love 
RELIGION 272-0 Luther and the West (with GERMAN 272-0)
RELIGION 295-0 Ahimsa: Nonviolence in South Asia and Beyond2
RELIGION 308-0 Indian Philosophy
RELIGION 309-0 Topics in Hinduism
RELIGION 312-0 Buddhism and Gender2
RELIGION 314-0 Buddhism in the Contemporary World1
RELIGION 316-0 Religion and the Body in China
RELIGION 318-0 Topics in East Asian Religions
RELIGION 319-0 Topics in Buddhism (or FD-LA)
RELIGION 345-0 Idea of Sainthood in Christianity
RELIGION 349-0 Topics in Christianity
RELIGION 351-0 Islamic Law (or FD-HS)2
RELIGION 354-0 Sufism
RELIGION 360-0 African American Religions (or FD-HS)2
RELIGION 369-0 Topics in American Religion
RELIGION 371-0 Religion, TV, and Film (or FD-LA)
RELIGION 373-0 Religion and Bioethics
RELIGION 374-0 Contemporary Religious Thought (or FD-LA)
RELIGION 377-0 Christian Thought in Global Perspective
RELIGION 382-0 Religion, Law, & Politics: Politics of Religious Diversity (with POLI_SCI 382-0) (or FD-SBS)1
SOCIOL 318-0 Sociology of Law (with LEGAL_ST 308-0) (or may be applied to FD-SBS)1
SPANISH 349-0 Critical Thought in Latin America2

1 Also Overlay 1: U.S. Perspectives on Power, Justice, and Equity

2 Also Overlay 2: Global Perspectives on Power, Justice, and Equity

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