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Additional Pay Requests

Additional Pay Policy

Additional Pay, or “Add Pay” is used to pay incremental compensation, in excess of the regular stipend, when a graduate student is in an active, appointed position.  During the term of the appointed position, students are expected to continue making academic progress towards their degree. TGS oversees Add Pay to ensure that the additional efforts enhance their scholarship. There may also be compliance requirements from external sponsors while graduate students are on a fellowship. 




TGS approval is required ONLY if any one of these thresholds are exceeded:
  • Student will work more than 10 hours/week
  • The period of service will exceed one month
  • Compensation will be $600 or more
If any threshold is exceeded and TGS approval is required:

To process Add Pay request through payroll:

Training is required for security access.  Contact Chris Tondini for registration information.

Note:  Incremental pay for graduate students who are in unpaid positions are processed through Special Pay 


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