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The Waldron Student-Alumni Connections Program brings students and alumni together for career education and exploration in a variety of ways, some of which are listed below.

Types of Programs:

Podcasts: We host Waldron Career Conversations episodes through the Weinberg in the World podcast where you can hear alumni stories of what they studied on campus, experiences that motivated them to pursue their chosen field, and how they use their interdisciplinary education in their work today.

Alumni Panels:  We host a series of panel discussions to help Weinberg undergraduate students learn about different careers, to understand the ways their liberal arts education is preparing them for life after Northwestern, and to connect with alumni in different careers.

Small Group Discussions:  We host programs with one alumnus leading a career exploration conversation with a small group of students to go further in depth on what is important to consider when thinking about a career in their industry.

Career Treks:  Each reading week, we take a small group of students downtown to experience a Chicago business firsthand.  We meet with alumni who work in a particular industry, learn more about that field, and give the students the opportunity to ask questions and get an in-depth look at a particular business. 

Click here to learn more about upcoming events and podcasts.

Ideas for student follow-up after a program:

  1. Connect with the alumnus on LinkedIn.
  2. Send a follow-up email/note thanking them for spending time with you at the program.
  3. Stay connected by emailing the alumnus (alumni love hearing from you!):
    • Ask more questions about their work and/or career.
    • Ask for their advice on career decisions you are facing.
    • Let them know what you are up to a few months, or even a year, later.

Other WAYS to get involved:

  1. Help by moderating Waldron Connections Program events: Student moderators help run our events by asking questions to alumni and getting a more direct connection with speakers on our panels. If you are interested in moderating, contact us
  2. Join the Waldron Connections Program Student Council: Student Council members are leaders on campus and help us promote events, share resources with students, and share their Weinberg College Experiences. To learn more about the Student Council, look Here.

Other Resources:

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