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Explore Your Options

At Weinberg College, there is no single pathway to success. Your options are limited only by your imagination and your willingness to explore new ideas. The major you declare on the first day of your first year may be very different from the one you eventually settle upon.

And that’s completely OK. In fact, that’s the idea. Over the course of your life, you are likely to pursue a variety of interests and careers. An interdisciplinary education in the arts and sciences will prepare you to chart your own course in a world that is constantly changing and full of opportunities. And that will be true no matter what you major in.

So follow your inspiration. Take a class outside your intended major. This is the time to explore your interests and see where they lead. Don’t be surprised if you discover an entirely new path for yourself along the way.

Video Profiles

Meet three of our path-changing students


Adina’s path led her from pre-med to English literature and biological anthropology and then to religious studies and music.

“I took the classes that I liked, and eventually they fit into major and minor programs."

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Eli’s path led him from economics to history and then to the launch of his own watch company while still a student.

“At Northwestern, whatever you’re interested in, there’s something for you to look into. You’ll often find that you can take it pretty far.”

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Sarah’s path led her from debate to human development and psychology and then to computer science and cognitive science.

“I learned that the things that I loved did not have to be the things that I was immediately talented at.”

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Ready to explore?

The following suggestions can help you discover the path that's right for you:

  • Talk to your adviser about fields of study that speak to your skills and interests.
  • Use your general education courses and electives to try out fields that you find interesting.
  • Take introductory and upper-level courses to explore fields in greater depth.
  • Meet with Northwestern Career Advancement counselors to learn how majors can connect with career paths.
  • Connect with alumni to learn how their academic passions inspired their professional journeys.
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