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Northwestern University

Department and Other Campus Advisers

The generalist role of the Weinberg College Advisers is complemented by department and program advising, as well as many other advisers on campus

These advisers and their roles are described below.

Department and program advisers

You should seek out other faculty members—not only those who officially serve as advisers.  Go to office hours to learn more about comments a professor made in class. Talk with someone whose research you'd like to get involved in. Relationships you form with faculty members will enrich your undergraduate experience. They will provide you with good people to give you guidance, people who will stimulate your thinking—and people who can write you letters of recommendation as you look forward to the next stage of your life.

Other campus advisers

Advisers in other Northwestern colleges

Sometimes students in Weinberg College can benefit from meeting with an adviser in another school within Northwestern. If you want to learn more about programs of study in another school, or if you’re seriously considering an interschool transfer, seeing an adviser in the relevant school is an important step. 

Other advising resources

The following are among the many offices on campus that provide academic, career, and/or personal guidance for students. All have websites where you can read more about the services they offer.

Some advising resources are most appropriate for certain groups of students. These include the following:

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