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Weinberg College Graduation

2020 Virtual Activities & Schedule

Re-Watch Commencement
Livestreamed on Friday, June 19

Students were encouraged to view Commencement and Weinberg College content via the personalized webpage links sent through email and described below. All other audiences can access the same content and Commencement recording without student personalization via the 'Watch Commencement' button below.

Special note: There was not a separate, virtual Convocation. Weinberg College content consisted of pre-recorded and pre-written messages that appear on the student pages and general public page linked below. 

watch commencement
weinberg250.jpgA message to graduates from David B. Weinberg
“My father, Judd Weinberg, the namesake of your College, passed away on February 20.  I can’t tell you what precisely he would have said were he here, but I can tell you with some certainty what he would have felt.  He would have been in awe of all that you have achieved and overcome, and of the sacrifices made on your behalf by your families.  He would have had, despite everything, hope for the future, having survived the depression and countless international crises and wars in his almost 94 years.  He, like you, would have been sorry to have missed the traditional commencement ceremony, which he loved, especially because he heard my mother’s name read every year.  But most of all, he would have felt gratitude for how lucky he had been in so many ways, and he would wish for each of you some of that same luck.”  -  David B. Weinberg 
Personalized Webpages

All graduating students received an email with a shareable link to their personalized webpage. If you are a graduating student and you did not receive your link, or need the email resent, please contact Weinberg Events at

Student pages feature the following:


Social Media

#NU2020 – use/search for all things related to graduation for students, faculty, staff, family, friends, etc.

#WCAS2020 – Weinberg College alumni, faculty, and staff will use this hashtag to tweet advice and congratulatory messages to grads. 

@Weinberg College – follow us and tag us on Twitter and use the hashtags above.


Department and Program Virtual Events

Several of our departments and programs also held virtual events to recognize and congratulate students. Check with your department or program for details.


On-Campus Recognition in June 2021

The University will invite all 2020 graduates back to campus to celebrate their accomplishments in June 2021, with a ceremony distinct from celebrations for the Class of 2021. The date will be confirmed as public-health guidance becomes clear.


Please reach out to us with any questions or suggestions at


2020 Virtual Plans FAQs

Will the University host graduation ceremonies on campus in June?

In accordance with federal and state orders and guidelines, all on-campus activities, including those surrounding graduation are canceled until further notice.

Will there be a virtual Commencement and/or Convocation?

The University is planning a virtual Commencement. Weinberg College will not attempt to replicate a traditional Convocation, however plans are underway to  recognize students in ways that will be meaningful for all involved, given the circumstances. These virtual acknowledgements are intended to mark this special occasion, with the understanding that all 2020 graduates will be invited back to campus when it is safe to do so.

How and when will students be recognized virtually? Will names be read?

Students will be recognized broadly, as they normally would during the University's virtual Commencement ceremony. Students graduating from Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences are typically recognized individually during the College's Convocation ceremony however, this won't be replicated online. Students will receive emails with individualized web pages and details on how to view and engage during graduation week. Department-level and end-of-year celebrations are also being planned, and these may include more individualized recognition of students.

What kind of software will be required to participate in any virtual activities?

No special software will be required to view commencement or any other content for graduates. All content will be hosted on the University website. Students will receive links and viewing options for all content.

Will departments and majors acknowledge graduates in smaller virtual events?

Individual departments will decide the content of their events, but they have been encouraged to acknowledge students to the best of their ability. Notifications will be sent to students regarding these events.

Will students still have the opportunity to order regalia?

Regalia was provided by the University in early May at no cost to students. The deadline to order free regalia and have it recieved in time for commencement has passed. Questions can be directed to

How will department and Latin Honors be recognized?

The process of awarding of department and Latin Honors will largely remain the same. Students will be sent a link to an individualized commencement page that will list all degrees and awards. Additionally, honor cords will be sent to students after graduation as keepsakes.
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