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Rules for Student-Organized Seminars

A Student-Organized Seminar (SOS) is a credit-bearing, P/N-course taken by a small group of undergraduate students who wish to explore a well-focused topic not already covered in, but deemed appropriate to, the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences curriculum. The seminar must have the sponsorship of one or more Weinberg College faculty members, who must attend at least 80% of the seminar's meetings, and are responsible for assigning final grades (P/N).

Student-Organized Seminars are meant to be a cooperative learning experience; hence the participants should have some common knowledge of the subject's tools and terminology. One or more Weinberg College students, the student organizer(s), take responsibility for:

Proposals on a wide range of topics have been approved in recent years. For example, recent Student-Organized Seminars have been offered in: Diplomacy in the Arab World and Drugs, Social Policy, and the Law.

Rules for the seminars

Credits and grades

Student participation

Faculty sponsors

Seminar work and subject matter

Proposal submission and approval

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