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Northwestern University

Angie Aguilar

Angie Aguilarangie aguilar photo
Class of 2024

Arch Program
NU Bioscientist

Major: Biological Sciences
Minor: Global Health Studies

Why did you choose Northwestern?
I chose Northwestern because it offered everything I wanted in a school, including smaller class sizes and numerous resources for first-generation, low-income students. I also really loved its location on Lake Michigan. Coming from LA, I was really excited about the beaches on campus!

What is one of your favorite memories from Arch?
When I participated in Bio&ChemEXCEL, it was held virtually due to COVID, but one of my favorite memories is definitely the movie night I had with my leadership group. After working on our project, we all joined a Teleparty call and watched The Kissing Booth 2. It was a great bonding experience and honestly really fun. I think that night cemented our friendships for the next four years

What is your favorite spot on campus?
Norris University Center

What's one piece of advice you would give to incoming students?
Remember you are a person first! Sometimes you can feel overwhelmed with the amount of school work and extracurricular responsibilities you have, but don't forget you are a person first and a student second. Make sure to prioritize your mental health and well-being, and to reach out for help if you ever need it.

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