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Northwestern University

Graduating Early

Most students graduate from Northwestern after four years of enrollment, some graduate later, and some graduate earlier.

Eligibility for early graduation

If you plan to graduate in fewer than four full years, you still need to complete all Weinberg College degree requirements and the University's Undergraduate Registration Requirement. The degree auditors in the Registrar's Office are the final authority in determining your eligibility for early graduation, although College Advisers at the Office of Undergraduate Studies and Advising can usually give you a good idea of your status.

Petitioning to graduate

Keep in mind that you should file a Graduation Petition one year prior to your expected graduation date. If you plan to graduate early, then you need to file your petition early too. This may enable you to register with the highest-priority group for your final three quarters; see the registration information posted by the Registrar's Office for details and/or talk with your College Adviser.

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