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Internships for Credit

Weinberg College awards credit only for internships with a substantive academic component. Both full-time and part-time options are available. You can count at most 6 units of internship credit, whether earned through Weinberg College courses or in other ways, towards the 45 units of credit for a Weinberg College degree.  

View detailed guidelines for credit-bearing field study programs and internships in Weinberg College.

Chicago Field Studies

Chicago Field Studies (CFS) is the largest academic internship program on campus. It offers programs every quarter on a variety of subjects. Options include:

Depending on the program, students intern from 10 to 36 hours per week and earn 1 to 4 units of credit. Internship organizations are treated as sites for research and reflection; experiences there also inform seminar discussions and assignments. CFS programs are open to students in any school and major. Admission is by application only, and students must attend an information session before applying. For more information, contact the Chicago Field Studies program.

Other For-Credit Internships in Weinberg College

For-Credit Internships in Other Northwestern Schools

Other undergraduate schools at Northwestern also offer for-credit internships, and credit earned through these courses also counts toward your 6-unit internship limit. (Some options are only open to students in these other schools—and thus only relevant here for students who start in another school and then transfer to Weinberg.)

School of Communication:  All EPICS options (CMN 225 and 340)

School of Education and Social Policy:  HDPS, LOC, and Social Policy Practica (SESP 384, 386, 387, 388, and 389). Note that student teaching does not count toward the 6-unit limit because earning secondary teaching certification is a Weinberg-sanctioned program. 

Medill:  Journalism Residencies (JOUR 345, 346, 355, 356, 365, 366, 385, 386); JOUR 391-Washington DC Practicum

LDRSHP 396–Field Studies in Leadership 

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