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Northwestern University

Andres Villalobos

Andres VillalobosAndres Villalobos, Arch Scholar
Class of 2025

Arch Program
Bio&ChemEXCEL 2021


Why did you decide to participate in Arch?
I was a ball of nerves coming into Northwestern, and I began to look for any resources that could make the transition from my small town to the fully immersive environment that is Northwestern. When I found Bio&ChemExcel I knew that it was the perfect program for me. It was the group of passionate and outgoing students I was seeking.

What is one of your favorite memories from Arch?
One of my favorite memories from Bio&ChemExcel was working with a small group in my bio class to create a solution for solution in the ocean by modifying the DNA in Ecoli to eat specific plastic. This specific project has been ingrained in my mind because it showed me how powerful like-minds can come together to make a really revolutionary idea.

Why did you choose Northwestern?
Northwestern offered me the perfect environment of passionate and like-minded students with a specific emphasis on collaborative learning.

What are your plans after graduation?
Attend medical school.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
There is this spot behind Deering that had a lot of greenery that I love.

What is your favorite class you have taken at Northwestern?
My freshman seminar, “Your Brain on College.”

Fun/Interesting Fact About You
I’ve moved eight times in my life.

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