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Ad Hoc Committee on Degree Requirements

FALL 2019 UPDATE: In preparation for the launch of the new degree requirements (no sooner than fall 2021), four working groups were convened to develop learning goals, resource depositories, policies, and guidelines for the new elements of the Weinberg degree requirements:

  1. College Seminar Working Group
  2. First-Year Writing Seminar Working Group
  3. Advanced Expression Working Group
  4. Curriculum Transition Committee (serves as the working group on Foundational Disciplines and ‘When Cultures Meet’ overlay)

All new curricula and policies will be reviewed by the Curricular Review Committee and/or the Curricular Policies Committee.




Spring 2019

The proposed modifications to the Weinberg degree requirements were approved at the spring meeting of the Weinberg College faculty. 

Winter 2019

First reading at the Weinberg College faculty meeting (March 12th, 2019)

Fall 2018

On December 4, 2018, the Weinberg College Curriculum Policy Committee (CPC) unanimously approved the proposed modifications to the Weinberg College degree requirements.

Spring 2018

Foundational Disciplines Convention (FDC) held in June 2018 to articulate learning goals for each of the six foundational disciplines

Fall 2017

Final report of the Weinberg College ad hoc Committee for Degree Requirements, submitted to Dean Adrian Randolph on September 25, 2017

Winter and Spring 2017

The CDR met with groups of faculty in the college (organized approximately along department and program lines) to share a preliminary statement of our vision and first draft of our recommendations. These department/program meetings involved a prepared presentation of about 20 minutes by a designated CDR member, followed by an open discussion.

Interim report:

Summary of concerns, notes, clarifications, and suggestions for revision to the interim report:

Fall 2016

The fall quarter was devoted to developing an interim report and preparing for presentation of the first draft of our proposals to colleagues across the college.

Summer 2016

The sub-groups continued their discussions and began to articulate recommendations.  On September 8, 2016, the full committee came together for a day-long meeting at the Chicago Botanic Garden to discuss and synthesize the outcomes of the sub-group deliberations.

Spring 2016

The CDR divided into three sub-groups, each charged with reviewing and recommending changes to one of the three major components of the current Weinberg degree requirements: (1) the writing requirement, (2) the foreign language requirement, and (3) the distribution requirements. The sub-groups met regularly and conducted interviews with colleagues who play key roles in the current curriculum. 

Winter 2016

Early meetings included discussion of:


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