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Deadlines and Documents

Promotion and reappointment deadlines for tenure-track faculty and teaching-track faculty are listed below.

Tenure-track faculty

Deadlines for submitting materials to the Dean's Office:

(Please note that if a deadline for submitting tenure track materials or notifying the Dean's Office falls on a weekend, the due date is the following Monday.)

department vote on tenure case:                                           October 10
tenure dossier (candidate's materials):                               October 15
tenure dossier (department's materials):                           October 25

department vote on promotion-to-full case:                     October 25
promotion-to-full dossier (candidate's materials):         November 5
promotion-to-full dossier (department's materials):     November 15

reappointment dossier (candidate's materials):              February 10
reappointment dossier (department's materials):          February 20

Deadlines for notifying the Dean’s Office about reappointment, tenure, and promotion reviews in the coming academic year:
eligible tenure-track probationary faculty
scheduled for reappointment or tenure review
in the coming AY who wish to opt out of the
automatic one-year COVID-19 extension:                           May 15

departments to advise that a candidate wishes
to present themselves for promotion to full
professor (exceptions possible):                                             May 15

written request (and justification) for a
tenure-clock extension by tenure-track
faculty scheduled for reappointment or
tenure review in the coming AY. This includes
a request for a second COVID-19 extension
for eligible faculty:                                                                       August 31

Teaching-track faculty

2022-2023 deadlines:

promotion dossiers (candidate's materials):                    January 23, 2023
promotion dossiers (department's materials):                February 3, 2023

reappointment dossiers (candidate's materials):           May 2, 2023
reappointment dossiers (department's materials):       May 12, 2023                                                                         
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