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Minors and Certificates

Every student in Weinberg College must complete a major in order to graduate, as well as other degree requirements. Unless you transferred late into Weinberg College or took a long time to choose a major (or you're doing an adjunct major that requires completion of another major too), you will probably have several slots left over for elective courses.

How should you select your elective courses? One possibility is to use some of them to complete a minor or certificate. These options offer you an organized way to pursue a secondary interest without taking on the burdens of a second major.

Options for Weinberg College students are available within Weinberg College and in several other schools at Northwestern. Ready to declare a minor? Here's how.

Minors in Weinberg College

Weinberg College offers minors in more than 40 departments and programs; each requires between six and nine courses.

Minors and certificates at other Northwestern schools

School of Communication

School of Education and Social Policy

McCormick School of Engineering

Kellogg School of Management

Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications

Bienen School of Music

Interschool options

Before you decide to complete a minor or certificate, you should carefully consider your options;  while you may choose that option, you may decide instead to use your electives to take courses in multiple fields so that you can go deeper into more areas of interest. Consult with your College Adviser and an adviser in the particular program you are considering to weigh your options.

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