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Northwestern University

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about degree requirements, registration and more.

First-Year Questions

  • How do I get my AP/IB credits to count toward my foundational discipline requirements?
  • What requirements must I complete in order to graduate?
  • Can I take more than 4 classes?
  • Can I take classes at another US institution over the summer?
All First-Year Student FAQs

Transfer Student Questions

  • How do I make sense of my credit evaluation?
  • How do I know if a transferred course will count toward Weinberg requirements?
  • What is the Undergraduate Registration Requirement?
  • Can I study abroad?
All transfer student FAQs

AP/IB and Course Credit

  • What will my AP/IB credits count toward?
  • Can I get credit for college courses I took in high school?
  • Will I get credit for the course I took while studying abroad?
  • What should I do if I think a course has been transferred incorrectly?
All AP/IB and Credit Questions

Registration Questions

  • How may courses should I take each quarter?
  • How do I change my schedule? I want to add or drop a class.
  • Can I take a class P/N?
  • How do I petition for an incomplete?
All Registration Questions

Major & Minor Questions

  • How do I choose a major?
  • How do I declare my major and minor?
  • Should I double-major?
  • What is an adjunct major?
All Major and Minor Questions
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