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Weinberg Research Recovery Grants (WR2)

 Weinberg Research Recovery Grants (WR2)

Recognizing that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the research of many faculty members, Weinberg College is reimagining the W Awards to focus on providing support for research recovery.

Proposals may request research support in the form of one course release or one quarter of graduate student support and may include a request for research funds. We expect to award research funds on the order of $5,000 per project but will consider proposals for research funds of up to $10,000 in exceptional circumstances. Awards will be made in three cycles, for use in the remainder of FY21 through FY22. Funds may not be carried over to FY23.

Eligibility: All full-time tenured or tenure-line Weinberg College faculty members are eligible to apply, but priority will be given to untenured assistant professors followed by associate professors seeking to complete a project in advance of promotion to full professor.

Application: Proposals should be written in a manner understandable to a general academic audience. Submit a single pdf file to Gina Berardesco, consisting of a two-page or less narrative (1-3 below), one-page Budget Form (4), and department letter, if needed (5):

  1. Title of the project, faculty name and department(s)
  2. Summary of the project and its goals: rationale, proposed activities, feasibility, anticipated findings or products, opportunities for external funding or continuation of the work
  3. Statement of need relating use of the award for recovery of research productivity that has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
  4. Budget Form: Use this Budget Form to specify the types(s) and amount of support requested, expenditures in FY21 and/or FY22, and provide appropriate justification
  5. Requests for a course release require prior consultation with and endorsement by the department chair. The chair should confirm whether a course release can or cannot be accommodated in the curriculum without replacement teaching.

Deadlines: Proposals will be considered in three cycles. The due date for the first cycle is January 12, 2021 for an earliest start in the Spring quarter of FY2021. The due date for the second cycle is July 6, 2021 for an earliest start in the Fall quarter of FY2022.  And there will now be a third cycle with a due date of October 5, 2021, for an earliest start date in Winter quarter of FY2022. 

Evaluation: Proposals will be evaluated by a faculty committee, based on:  

  1. Quality, creativity, and potential impact of the proposed research
  2. Potential to address pandemic-related research recovery
  3. Prospects for success (feasibility, dissemination of findings, future grant applications, or other products as relevant)
  4. Feasibility and justification of the requested budget, including whether replacement teaching is required and whether other sources of research funds are available.

 Reporting: At the end of the project period, investigators should submit a brief report (1-2 pages) to Gina Berardesco that describes the results and the impact of the work.

Contacts for questions:

Associate Dean Catherine Woolley
Director of Research and Graduate Studies Reid Wellensiek
Senior Research Administrator, Gina Berardesco Back to top