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Reappointment and Promotion


Reappointment and promotion are significant milestones in a faculty member’s academic career.

Reappointment and promotion are meant to recognize and reward faculty who demonstrate sustained professional accomplishment that contributes to the mission of the College and University and who also demonstrate future potential in support of the College’s goal of advancing the creation of new knowledge and forms of expression, teaching and learning, and service to the College and University, one’s profession, and one’s community.

Tenure-Line Faculty

Reappointment and promotion decisions are based on a faculty member’s performance – and their promise of future excellence – in three areas: research or other creative work, teaching, and service.  Faculty must be successful in both research and teaching throughout their academic careers and must also render service that is appropriate for their rank.

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Teaching-Track Faculty

Full-time teaching-track faculty represent a distinct and important part of the College’s academic community and contribute significantly to its academic missions. Reappointment and promotion of this group of faculty recognize the contributions they make to the College’s commitment to teaching excellence, traditional research, and other forms of scholarly achievement, as well as University service.

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