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If you are like the majority of recent Weinberg seniors, you will go directly from college to a position in the business world. But many students don’t have a clear sense of what “business” entails, either in terms of academic preparation or as a profession. The transition from college to a job can be intimidating, and students often try to guess the precise criteria they need to fulfill in order to get the perfect job.  Instead, you should think about how your unique combination of course work, interests, skills, and experience can be successfully presented to employers.    

Here you will find advice to help you think about how a liberal arts education in Weinberg prepares you for entering the working world.

Additional resources

Your freshman adviser, College Adviser, and major adviser can help you put your academic and professional plans into perspective.

Be sure to register with Northwestern Career Advancement (NCA) in your freshman year and then consult with them frequently throughout your time at Northwestern. NCA staff work with students who are considering a variety of industries and career options. From freshman to senior year, they can assist you with career decision-making, academic major selections, graduate school advising, internships, and full-time job search strategies.

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