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Social Media Best Practices

You may choose to use a social media channel to promote your department, program, or center. When choosing a social media channel, t is important to understand each channel's various capabilities (and weaknesses) and the resources necessary for successful maintenance.

Primary social media channels





For more social media tips and examples, download the Social Media Toolkit. An additional LinkedIn Group Guide is also available.

Social media readiness checklist

  1. Do you have audiences who will value your social media channel?
  2. Will you be able to dedicate at least 30 minutes of staff time each day to monitor/post new information?
  3. Will you post pertinent, succinct items on a regular basis (e.g., 3-5 times per week on Facebook, 5-10 times per week on Twitter)?
  4. Will you keep a planning calendar for each week's content and space out your posts accordingly?
  5. Will you promote your channels in most/all of your digital/print media?
  6. Will you encourage your students to promote the channel, engage with the channel, and help administrate big events?
  7. Will a few of your faculty members occasionally post brief comments, questions, and topics related to their expertise?
  8. Will you welcome and encourage feedback from those who "like" you?
  9. Will you keep your cool if someone posts something negative?
  10. Will you set realistic goals for success and cultivate the channel for at least two quarters?
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