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Northwestern University

Upload Multiple Images


  1. While in your Cascade site, select the /images/ folder in the folder tree.
    1. You may wish to upload images directly to the /images/ folder or within a sub-folder.
  2. With the destination folder selected, add new images by clicking “Add Content" at the top of the page, then selecting  “File - JPG, PDF, Doc, etc.”
  3. Either drag and drop files from your computer's desktop into the designated "Drop files" area, or click "choose" to manually select files from your computer to import into your Cascade site. 
  4. Once Cascade has accepted all files, you have the option to remove a file(s) from your list of uploaded files by clicking the "Remove" button.
  5. Navigate your cursor to the top right of the pop-up to click on “Submit" to add the new images.
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