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Search Procedures for Full-time Temporary Faculty Positions

As department chairs make plans for the following academic year, requests for a full-time temporary faculty position may be submitted to the Dean's Office as part of your teaching plan. The College prefers to hire full-time when possible because it creates greater stability for the faculty members and better teaching for students. 

A full-time appointment in Weinberg College consists of 6 content courses or 9 language courses (or their equivalents). The goal is to address the ways in which contingent faculty are hired, providing greater opportunities for scholars to apply for such positions.


Finalists are identified within the Faculty Recruitment System (FRS). 

To submit finalist requests to the Dean’s Office, the department administrator works with the search committee to assign a disposition code to each applicant and identifies any candidates who advance to the finalist stage.  

At the conclusion of the successful search, the department administrator sends electronic file of materials to Felicia Dominguez, including a departmental recommendation letter, finalist CV, and letters of reference. 

For any searches not run through the Faculty Recruitment System, please also include documentation of search approval (from the Dean or Associate Deans) and CVs of all other finalists.  

Faculty Recruitment System (FRS) RESOURCES

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