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Procedures for Non-Continuing Faculty Appointments


Non-continuing and unpaid faculty appointments are generally for a fixed term. Prior authorization through the annual process to request short-term teaching may be required. These appointments include:

More information regarding appointment types can be found here and in the Human Resources Manual


Short term appointment Requests

Departments and Programs may submit appointment requests to the Dean's Office via the Short Term Appointment Webform by the following deadlines: 

STA Submission Deadlines
Quarter of Appointment  Submission Deadline Letter Sent by Dean's Office by
Fall May 15th  July 1st (new faculty) and July 15th (reappointments)
Winter October 1st November 1st
Spring February 1st March 1st

 Procedures for submitting a Short Term Appointment request

Required Materials Upon Webform Submission

  1. CV: required for new and courtesy appointments and any reappointment being made three years or more after prior appointment
  2. Evidence of Teaching Excellence: required for all teaching requests
  3. Faculty Vote: required for all secondary courtesy appointments
  4. Overloads requests:
    1. Additional Pay Form 
      1. NOTE: You do not need to collect Dean's Office signatures prior to submitting. Those will be collected upon Dean's Office review and approval.
    2. Documentation of overload approval
    3. Enrollment data that support overload request
  5. Graduate Students in years 4-7 where teaching is in addition to a TGS stipend: Graduate Student Permission to Work From 
  6. Any other supporting documentation including Dean's Office approval for hiring


Short Term Appointment Webform

Family Institute Webform

Boas Assistant Professors & Instructional Postdoctoral Fellows Webform

Overload Webform


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