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Paths: Your Arts and Sciences Degree

What did you do with your Arts and Sciences degree?

The paths that Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences graduates take through life are varied and often unexpected. Where did your degree lead you? Was it a destination you sought intentionally, or did you set out without knowing precisely where you would end up? 

In this issue of Weinberg magazine, Tracy Carson '04, Daniel Pink '86 and Mark-Hans Richer '89 share some of the twists and turns their lives took after they graduated from Weinberg College.

Tracy CarsonTracy Carson '04

For Tracy Carson, persistence pays.

After receiving a B-minus on a paper in former Northwestern history professor Nancy MacLean’s 20th Century American History course, Carson accepted MacLean’s challenge to rewrite the paper for a fresh evaluation.

Daniel Pinkdaniel Pink '86

The last “real” job Daniel Pink held was in the White House, where he spent a few years as chief speechwriter to Vice President Al Gore.

Pink left that gig in 1997, and since then, he’s been a self-described “free agent.”

Mark-Hans RicherMark-Hans Richer '89

If you were to draw a line connecting point A to point B, it might make perfect sense for a history major to end up as the chief marketing officer for Harley-Davidson, one of America’s most historic brands. 

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