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First-Year Courses

Start exploring your options

Weinberg students have until the end of their sophomore year to select a major.  Until then, we encourage first-year students, especially, to explore the wealth of options available to them in the College.

Not sure where to start?  Choose a department and visit their First-Year Focus page! You’ll find information on course offerings—including the best classes to take first—research opportunities, and even the kinds of career paths that students who major in that field tend to follow.

Fall quarter classes

Picking classes can seem daunting, but most students’ fall-quarter schedules look something like this:

Typical class schedule for pre-health students

Students who are considering a pre-health path have a little less flexibility when filling their two additional classes, as they generally take both Calculus and Chemistry starting in their first quarter. Learn more about the first year of a pre-health curriculum.

Whichever path you are planning to pursue, you will have plenty of time to discuss your options with an adviser before registering.

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