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Undergraduate Program Administration

Find information about undergraduate student procedures and awards below. 

Student procedures

Declaring a major or minor

The Declaration of Major and Declaration of Minor forms are two-part forms. The form must be completed by the student and signed by a department representative. Once signed, the top copy must be submitted by the student to the Weinberg Office of Undergraduate Studies and Advising at 1922 Sheridan Road. The bottom should be retained by the Department or Program.

Petitioning to graduate

The procedure is described on the Office of the Registrar's Graduation Petition Procedure webpage

Change of grade 

The procedure to submit a change of grade is detailed on the Office of the Registrar's Grading Information for Faculty webpage.

Late Add

Once the quarterly deadline to add or change a course enrollment has passed (typically the end of the fifth day of the quarter), students must follow the late add process to enroll in or swap courses, including changing discussion sections and labs. Please see the CAESAR Registration FAQ page on the Office of the Registrar's website.

Late Drop

Once the quarterly drop deadline has passed (typically the last day of the sixth week of the quarter), students must follow the late drop process to discontinue enrollment in courses. Please see the CAESAR Registration FAQ page on the Office of the Registrar's website.

Transfer a Non-Northwestern Credit

Students may petition to receive credit for a course taken at another U.S. institution after matriculation to Northwestern University. The policies and procedures to do so are detailed on the Office of the Registrar's Transfer a Non-Northwestern Credit webpage.

Student Awards and Honors

Departments and programs will be prompted, starting in February, to enter proposed student awards and honors onto the respective web sites. The deadline is usually the third week in May.   

Students receiving academic prizes and awards are invited to a Weinberg Deans’ Office reception in early June. Seniors graduating with honors will be listed in the commencement book at graduation. Those winning awards and prizes related to their outstanding senior honors projects will also be recognized during the Weinberg College Convocation.

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