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Paths: What Did You Do With Your Arts and Sciences Degree?

The paths that Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences alumni take through life are varied and often unexpected. Matt Forti '00, Cristina Henríquez '99 and David Reitze '83 share some of the twists and turns the experienced after they graduated from Northwestern.

Matt Forti Matt Forti ’00

Using his dual degrees in economics and sociology, Matt Forti works as the managing director of One Acre Fund, a 10-year-old organization that finances and trains smallholder farmers in Africa.

Cristina Henríquez Cristina Henríquez ’99

Cristina Henríquez's early experiences with rejection didn't stop her from building a successful career as a respected fiction writer.

David Reitze David Reitze ’83

As the executive director of CalTech's Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, David Reitze helped lead the team that made the first groundbreaking detection of gravitational waves.

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