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Northwestern University

Weinberg College Career Summit 2022

Fifth Annual Weinberg College Career Summit

Generously sponsored by the Austin J. Waldron Student-Alumni Connections Program

This year, the annual Career Summit will be held on Wednesday June 1st with virtual sessions hosted between 9:30 and 4 p.m. CT. We will feature 4 sessions with 2 different alumni panel options in each.

Students can select to hear from alumni in the following industries:

Students should feel free to attend as many or as few sessions as it makes sense for them. Each session will include an alumni panel, time for student questions, then small group networking where students can introduce themselves to the alumni speakers and ask any follow-up questions they may have.

We will also be sharing a short 15-20 minute prep podcast with students that will be hosted by NCA to share additional resources with students as they prepare for conversations with alumni at the Career Summit.

This event is perfect for all class years:

Whether you fit a description above or not, this is a great event for you to hear from a ton of different alumni, doing different things, in different industries.

Whether you want to network and ask specific questions or just login to hear what the alumni have to say, this is a great opportunity close out the spring quarter with inspiration and advice from grads who were once in your shoes.


Registration is now open! Secure your spot today!
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