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Research Appointment Process


Recommendations are initiated by the department.  View the  appointment policy to determine which appointment is most suitable:

 The Weinberg Dean’s Office produces the official offer letter; formal arrangements with an incoming scholar cannot be offered at the department level.  Appointees are bound by all University Policies.


If applicable, work with the International Office to prepare visa materials.  All new visitor appointments require health insurance waiver or application that have been approved by Risk Management.   Complete the corresponding online recommendation form and upload required documents

Forms will be routed to Department Chair and PI for approval, and Weinberg Associate Dean for Research for review.


Postdoctoral Fellow appointment recommendations are reviewed by the Weinberg Dean’s Office in consultation with The Graduate School.

Research Staff and Research Visitor Appointments are reviewed by the Weinberg Dean’s Office and then forwarded to the Office for Research for a final review.

Research Faculty Appointments are reviewed by the Weinberg Dean's Office and then forwarded to the Office of the Provost for final review.

After final review, a formal appointment letter from the Dean’s Office and the fully executed appointment form will be forwarded to the department administrator.  The department sends the letter to the appointee.

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