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Professor Wins Top Education Research Prize

Statistics department chairman Larry Hedges has captured the $3.9 million Yidan Prize, the world’s largest award for education research.
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Twins and Testosterone

Females exposed to a male twin in utero experienced adverse educational, earning and reproductive outcomes later in life, Northwestern researchers find.
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Homecoming and Reunion Weekend: Oct. 24–27

If you graduated in 2018, or in a class ending in 4 or 9 from 1959 to 2014 — then this is your Reunion year. Registration opens in July.
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Poverty Leaves a Mark on Genes

Anthropologist Thomas McDade leads a study that challenges the notion that genetics are fixed and immutable.
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Better Motivation to Move

Women feel better about their bodies when fitness instructors focus more on health and less on appearance, psychologist Renee Engeln says.
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Around the World in 11 Weeks

Music and religious studies major Chris LaMountain ’20 wins a Circumnavigator’s Travel-Study Grant to study the choral music traditions of the Bahá’í faith.
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Bodies in Space

The composition of astronauts’ gut bacteria shifts when they spend an extended amount of time in space, Weinberg neurobiologists find.
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Weinberg Faculty Join AAAS

Provost Jonathan Holloway and professors Christopher Kuzawa, Clare Cavanagh and Gerald Gabrielse have been elected to the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
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How to Hide an Empire

Historian Daniel Immerwahr’s new book tells the story of America’s overseas territories — “the greater United States.”
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Faculty Couple Leaves $9.39 Million to Northwestern

Gifts from the late neurobiologist Christina Enroth-Cugell and Feinberg School professor David Cugell will advance research in science and medicine.
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Two Win Guggenheims

The fellowships will support sociologist Lincoln Quillian’s studies on discrimination and anthropologist Matthew Johnson’s research on the prehistory of English settlement.
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Sleep Learning Gets Real

In a Scientific American cover story, psychology professor Ken Paller explains how to strengthen previously acquired memories while you sleep.
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