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DaVinci sketch

Reconnecting Art and Science in the Classroom

"Radical diversity of thought is absolutely essential, and perfectly possible," argue Dean Adrian Randolph and McCormick School of Engineering Dean Julio Ottino. Read More



Martha Blondi

Tell Them We Are Rising

Weinberg College faculty, including historian Martha Blondi (left) and Provost Jonathan Holloway, feature prominently in a PBS documentary about the history of America's black colleges.  Read more 


a seismometer sits in a field

The Sounds of a Day in Less Than Two Minutes

A seismometer near the Northwestern campus compresses 24 hours of signals from oceans, earthquakes and weather into a strikingly beautiful recording. Read more



outer space

Poetry and Chemistry

A visit by poet and Nobel-winning chemist Roald Hoffmann prompts students, faculty and alumni to reflect on the parallels between the disciplines. Read more



illustration of a virtual reality system

Welcome to "Smellovision"

An innovation by neuroscientist Daniel Dombeck and Ph.D. student Brad Radvansky could help tech developers incorporate smell into virtual reality systems. Read more



fallen circuit breaker

Finding the Power Grid's Weak Spots

A comprehensive analysis by Weinberg College physicists shows where small vulnerabilities could trigger cascading power outages. Read more



pregnant woman and partner

Making the Case for Paid Family Leave

Anthropologist Thom McDade and sociologist Christine Percheski show how robust paid leave would improve children's health from birth onward. Read more



gun with american flag pattern

How Gun Ownership Shapes National Politics

Doctoral student Matthew Lacombe explains how and why gun ownership became a potent political identity. Read more



cover of Time magazine

"Voices from the Rubble"

Political scientist Wendy Pearlman relates findings from her research on Syrian refugees in a cover story for TIME's March 12 international editions. Read more



illustration of students sitting on a pile of books

One-Stop Shop for Academic Support

From peer-guided study groups to tutoring, the University consolidates its many resources into a student-centered space in University Library. Read more



mother and baby looking at a laptop

Your Baby is Even Smarter Than You Think

Three-month-olds can form abstract relations well before they learn language skills, Weinberg College psychology researchers find. Read more



thatched house in Hawaii

Hands-on Learning in Hawaii

For students in the College's "Race and Indigeneity in the Pacific" class, an eight-day trip to the island was an immersive experience in Native communities. Read more



child's drawing of a female scientist

Kids Increasingly Depict Scientists as Female

Stereotypes that equate "science" with "men" have weakened over time, psychology Ph.D. student David Miller finds. Read more



illustration of an award medal

Faculty Garner Prestigious Honors

A Guggenheim, the Harvey Prize and the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award are just a few of the recent awards bestowed on College faculty. Read more



student listening in class

Meet the ARCH Scholars

A suite of four programs set first-generation Weinberg College students on a path to academic success. Read more

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