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Paths: Your Arts and Science Degree

What did you do with your Arts and Sciences degree?

The paths that Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences graduates take through life are varied and often unexpected. In this issue of Weinberg magazine, Richard Mesirow '59, Delida Costin '91, and Christian Wistehuff '87  share some of the twists and turns their lives took after they graduated from Weinberg College.

Richard Mesirow Richard Mesirow ’59

As a general studies student in the 1950s, Richard Mesirow ’59 refused to follow a pre-defined academic path. Instead, he selected his classes by opting for the best professors he could find. 

Delida Costin Delida Costin ’91

Delida Costin had equated the study of history with the memorization of facts and people. But a lecture had opened her eyes to something else, something more powerful.

Christian Wistehuff Christian Wistehuff ’87

Christian Wistehuff didn’t think much about Afghanistan until that September day in 2001, when he stood outside his office on Fifth Avenue and watched the Twin Towers crumble to the ground. 

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