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Northwestern University

Odd Couples

Weinberg magazine invited a handful of students with seemingly incongruous double majors to make the connection between their two fields. Here’s what they had to say:

Diana Chang ’16

Art Theory and Practice &Biological Sciences

“Artists and scientists are intensely curious about the human experience: one meta-physically, one physically. But it’s the same creativity answering their curiosities.”   

Connor Martin ’16

Economics &Classics

“I’m always asked how a classics major intersects with economics. One major is totally useless for a career in banking —and the other is classics.”

Matthew Ferro ’16

Statistics &Philosophy

“Philosophy and statistics are more connected than one might think. I’ve learned how to ask questions and then how to answer them.”

Brian Liu ’17

Mathematics Art Theory and Practice

“Every time a math problem requires drawing a graph, it’s my chance to shine. I might not be correct, but it will look pretty.”

Kelly Chen ’18


“I need something to grasp how and where the world is progressing, and I also need something to figure out how and where my mind and my self are progressing.”

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