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Paths: Your Arts and Science Degree

What did you do with your Arts and Sciences degree?

The paths that Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences graduates take through life are varied and often unexpected. In this issue of Weinberg magazine, MaryAnn Marsh '85, Howard Tullman '67, and Cristina Bejan '04 share some of the twists and turns their lives took after they graduated from Weinberg College.

MaryAnn MarshMaryAnn Marsh '85

In her heart, MaryAnn Marsh always knew she would be her own boss.

As a girl, she watched her mother open an African clothing and folk art boutique on State Street after the family emigrated from Nigeria to Chicago in 1971.

Howard TullmanHoward Tullman '67

Being the oldest of six has its advantages, especially in a driven and competitive family.

“My father was very entrepreneurial, and my mother encouraged us to do just about anything we felt we could do,” Tullman said.

Cristina BejanCristina Bejan '04

Even as an undergraduate, Cristina Bejan was an invoker of Kant and a champion of ideas. 

She was a poet and a playwright, a thinker and a creator who started at Northwestern as a theater major but ultimately focused on philosophy

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