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Trethewey sitting in a room
Poet Laureate Joins Faculty

Pulitzer Prize and Heinz Award winner Natasha Trethewey will teach undergraduate and graduate creative writing students at Northwestern. Read more

Cover of book

Voices from Syria

Political scientist Wendy Pearlman's new book tells the story of the Syrian conflict through the voices of those who have survived it. Read more

Women gathered protesting with signs

Diversity and Democracy

The re-emergence of racialized politics is among the topics to be explored by the new Center for the Study of Diversity and Democracy. Read more

A sign saying Say No To Hate Speech in front of a capitol building

"The Case for Restricting Hate Speech"

In an LA Times editorial, sociologist Laura Beth Nielsen argues that racist and sexist slurs cause "tangible harms" to marginalized groups. Read more

A woman in a purple dress giving a speech

Alumni Inspire Students at Career Summit

Undergraduates gain career-building skills and encouragement during a day-long series of panels and workshops. Read more

Cover of book

Cents and Sensibility

A new book by Northwestern President Morton Schapiro and professor Gary Saul Morson seeks to infuse economics with the humanities. Read more

A cartoon chimp wearing a MAGA hat in a suit

"It's an Alpha Male Thing"

Psychology professor Dan McAdams explains what dominant chimpanzees have in common with President Donald Trump. Read more

A hurricane near the US east coast seen from space

Severe Weather and Climate Change

Climate scientist Daniel Horton helps develop a method to quantify the impact of global warming on extreme climate events. Read more

A woman in front of a large chip

Why Do Men Outnumber Women in Tech?

Sociologist Alice Eagly examines what the research really says about the gender imbalance in technology fields. Read more

A close up of leather bound books

Take MOOCs for Free

Northwestern now offers all of its massive open online courses at no cost to alumni, students, faculty and staff. Read more

A hand holding a glass of water near a faucet

Polymer Removes PFOAs From Water

Chemist Will Dichtel develops an inexpensive and renewable material that extracts a pervasive threat to drinking water. Read more

A green countryside

Cash for Carbon

Paying people not to cut down their trees could reduce carbon emissions cost-effectively, economist Seema Jayachandran says. Read more

A help wanted sign in a window

African-Americans Face Persistent Hiring Bias

Sociologist Lincoln Quillian finds a "striking stability in discrimination against African-Americans" between 1990 and 2015. Read more

A galaxy circling

The Milky Way's Surprising Origins

Northwestern astrophysicists discover that half the matter around us likely comes from far-flung galaxies. Read more

Two circle intersecting with a vector of DNA and baby in each

How a Baby’s Body "Remembers"

Anthropologist Thomas McDade documents how conditions in infancy can set the stage for inflammation-related diseases later in life. Read more

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